Problems ripping Up DVD

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Problems ripping Up DVD

#1 Beitragvon johntimber » Fr 13. Jul 2018, 13:16


I ripped the Up DVD (US region), and while I did get a file that plays back, it freezes up for maybe 1/2 a second every so often during the movie. Maybe every minute or so (haven't timed the whole thing). It is watchable (especially for the kids), but it is obviously kind of annoying.I ripped it with 1.4.10 on linux.I'm assuming that Disney changed the encryption method again somehow (kinda like they did with the Cars DVD*), and that I just need to wait awhile until you guys figure out the new scheme?

Please help.

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#2 Beitragvon mulleflup » Fr 13. Jul 2018, 13:42

Ich glaube nicht das hier jemand Hilfestellung geben darf. Es geht um das Umgehen des Kopierschutzes . Und das ist nun nicht erlaubt.

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#3 Beitragvon Pretch » Fr 13. Jul 2018, 14:17

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