AudioVision stuck

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AudioVision stuck

#1 Beitragvon rikjan » So 26. Mär 2017, 20:11

My daugther of 2 did something to my AudioVision and now it is stuck... It is in the 'IPOD mode' and on the screen it says 'No Ipod'. The volume is at 16. Everything is stuck, I cannot change the mode, I cannot use the remote control, it is completely stuck. If I unplug the power and wait (short time, long time, it does not matter) and switch it on, it start in the same situation again.
Does someone have any idea if I can solve this? Maybe there is some kind of 'hard reset' option or button combination?

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#2 Beitragvon Pretch » So 26. Mär 2017, 22:51

The Source Button (SRC) on the front does nothing?

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#3 Beitragvon rikjan » Mo 27. Mär 2017, 09:24

Correct, the SRC button does nothing...
When I switch the device on, it says "Volume 16" and none of the buttons work (also not on the remote control). I then have about 5 seconds in which I can turn the volume button, and then everything freezes.

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#4 Beitragvon morten » Do 9. Nov 2017, 14:11

I had the same Problem early this week. it is not a Software Problem or a reset Problem, it is a Hardware issue.
Between the main DVD Player and the front Panel with the buttens, there is a flat cable. This cable is plug into the frontpanel. Due to either bad production and / or Transportation it it almost or partly out of the Slot in the front Panel. By pushing it into the Slot again => WUNDERBAR, everything works perfect again.
If you Need more help how to do it, contact me.
good luck

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